Dental Implant to replace missing teeth

Dental Implant to replace missing teeth

Scottsdale, AZ: 

Dental Implant to replace missing teeth

Are you considering DENTAL IMPLANTS to REPLACE YOUR MISSING TEETH?. Then you are on the right path with your decision making process. DENTAL IMPLANTS AND MINI DENTAL IMPLANTS have been used for decades to replace missing teeth and to stabilize your DENTURE.  Dr.Devi, a Dental Implant Specialist and Prosthodontist in Scottsdale believes in patient education and helping  patients  to make the right  treatment decision.

According to Dr.Devi, the most important aspects in dental implant treatment planning are:

  • Evaluation of patients medical history.
  • Presence of adequate foundation bone
  • How many teeth are missing, Is soft tissue missing as well
  • Does patient need facial support with restoration
  • What kind of restoration is the most appropriate, conservative and affordable for the situation presented.

Finding the right treatment for every patient requires careful evaluation of multiple factors as every patient’s mouth condition is very unique. It is definitely not about filling the hole with an implant restoration. CAT scans are frequently used to study the quantity and quality of bone and this will help in figuring out he the type and number of implants needed in a particular situation. In some instances the foundation needs to be built first before we can place an implant. The implant restoration which could be a IMPLANT SUPPORTED CROWN or a HYBRID DENTURE or simply a IMPLANT RETAINED DENTURE  has to be carefully  designed so that it can provide good chewing ability,  support for the face and ultimately good long term durability and prognosis. In some scenarios MINI DENTAL IMPLANTS can be used saving patients time and money. In general surgical aspect of IMPLANT DENTISTRY is a very gentle procedure with very little pain or post operative discomfort. It is normally done under local anesthetia.

Prosthodontics is the specialty under which implant dentistry falls and prosthodontists can perform the surgical and restorative aspects of implant dentistry. At smile design specialists, Dr.Devi being a PROSTHODONTIST with additional training in surgical implantology can help you to choose the right treatment. Dr.Devi is proficient in both the surgical and restorative part of dental implant treatment. She is extremely gentle with her patient s and will make sure your treatment experience with her is very pleasant. Dr.Devi says that her patient’s feed back has been positive with almost 99% of the time her patient experienced very little discomfort the next day.

Please visit to know more about Dr.Devi or call her office at (480)488-9655 to have a consultation with her.

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