Cracked Dentures? Loose Dentures? Scottsdale Prosthodontist

Cracked Dentures? Loose Dentures? Scottsdale Prosthodontist

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Cracked Dentures?

Loose Fitting Dentures?

Replace Missing Denture Tooth?

Dentures with worn & discolored teeth that makes you look very Old?

Dentures that hurt your mouth?

Any type of Denture Repairs? 

Come and see Dr.Devi DDS.MS, who is a Denture Specialist (Prosthodontist) in Scottsdale.

Please call Dr.Devi at (480)488-9655 for a Free Consultation!

Making a full denture or partial denture is a highly technique sensitive process and should be done only by a qualified dentist who has the background education in the art and science of this process. Dentist with specialty training in Prosthodontics can easily accomplish all the important steps necessary in the successful fabrication of your denture. A denture can be considered successful only when it is well made by utilizing highest quality teeth and acrylic, support patients lip and cheeks thus enhancing the smile and provides a natural looking smile, enables patient to chew and talk well. Dental implants can be utilized in selected situations when patient desires to improve the fit and retention of the denture.

Dr.Devi is the only female Prosthodontist in the Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Carefree area. Prosthodontists are highly trained in the restoration and replacement of the teeth. Moreover, Prosthodontics is the only dental specialty under which the concentration of Cosmetic/Esthetic and Implant dentistry falls. Hence it is important for patients to see the service of a Prosthodontist like Dr.Devi when considering any cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, missing tooth replacement with dental implants, crowns, veneers, esthetic dentures to receive the highest quality of service. At Smile Design Specialists, Dr.Devi specializes in custom dentures where she can customize your denture by carefully selecting the shape, size, color and arrangement of your teeth to blend with your lips and face. Also she can customize the color of the gums in your denture.


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