Leaking Amalgam Fillings

Leaking Amalgam Fillings

Replace Your Old Mercury Fillings with Metal Free fillings

mercury fillings

Scottsdale AZ:

Many patients still walk around with old so called “Silver” or “Amalgam” fillings. Several years ago, it used to be a common practice to do amalgam filling when a tooth structure gets destroyed by a big decay. These kinds of fillings are done to seal the tooth after the decay has been removed. But unfortunately bonding of these fillings to the tooth was not done at that time. Subsequently these large fillings surrounded by a thin rim of tooth structure can take a lot stress on it and can act as a wedge on the tooth eventually fatigue fracturing the tooth. This is a very common occurrence when the filling happens to be on back chewing teeth. So if you have these old amalgam fillings, you must remove them and replace with metal free composite fillings that use the bonding technology which holds the whole tooth structure together as one unit preventing the chipping and breakage of tooth structure. I have often seen catastrophic breakage of the tooth structure especially when there is decay under these old amalgam fillings to the point that now tooth needs a root canal treatment and crown or extractions and implant supported crowns. One of the major advantages of metal free composite filling is its range of colors that matches the different tooth colors. Also bonding technology has come along so much if done properly white fillings can look life like and very durable. Make sure you find a dentist who takes time in doing these procedures correctly as the durability of white fillings depends upon how well the bonding protocol is followed by the dentist.

Dr.Devi DDS.MS is a Prosthodontist in Scottsdale and she practice Holistic Dentistry. Dr.Devi is concerned about your overall health, well being, nutritional balance in addition to the oral health. Dr.Devi’s office is mercury free. Patients come to Dr.Devi from all over the state to have healthy, natural looking smile.

Please visit www.drdevi.com for more information. You can have a FREE CONSULT with Dr.Devi by calling (480)488-9655.

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