Find my ALL ON 4 Dentist in Scottsdale, AZ

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Find my ALL ON 4 Dentist in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, AZ:

Are you looking for a Specialist Dentist whom you can trust to replace your broken teeth with natural looking “ALL ON 4 Dental Implants”?

For millions of Americans who are edentulous or have broken down teeth, one of the implant based treatment known as “ALL ON 4” can be a viable treatment option. Four to six implants are placed in the jaw bone which will support the zirconia or acrylic teeth  that can easily restore patient’s chewing ability and smile. The implants can be tilted to avoid anatomical features and thus may not need bone grafting or sinus lift procedures.  

ALL ON 4 or ALL ON 6 is nothing but implant based full mouth reconstruction that requires teamwork and coordination with a high quality dental lab that physically produce the final teeth for the patent This treatment is very technique sensitive and the success of the treatment depends on proper initial treatment planning, expertise of the treating dentists and excellent team work among the surgeon, restoring dentist and the dental lab.

In an ideal situation, restoring dentist must spend several hours collecting all the clinical data required to generate proper treatment sequence and this should be communicated with the surgeon. This patient specific information is used by the dentist who places the implant to plan the implant surgery. 

If the Surgeons was not given this patient specific information or fail to use this information, less than ideal treatment results like unpleasant smiles and teeth fractures are guaranteed to occur.  

Patients are advised to choose a specialist dentist with advanced education and experience for the implant placement and ALL ON 4 restoration. More often patients do not realize the importance of choosing a Prosthodontist, a dentist specialized in full mouth and implant restoration for their ALL ON 4.  

Dr.Devi, DDS,MS,FICOI, is a Prosthodontist & Implant Specialist with 18 year’s of clinical experience. Dr.Devi has three years of additional academic training on Prothodontics (MS from UAB) and two years of additional academic training on Oral Implantology (MS-California Implant Institute & UNLV). With her training on dental implants and Prosthodontics, Dr.Devi is able to provide highest quality Implant based multiple treatment options to her patients from start to finish. Please call (480)488-9655 for your free consult today!! Visit 


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