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Scottsdale AZ: Dr.Devi is a female Prosthodontist and Dental Implant Specialist in Scottsdale. Dr.Devi’s patient describing her experience of getting implant supported teeth. For more information call (480)488-9655 or visit the website  

I have bad teeth, what are my options?

I have bad teeth, What are my options? What do I do with my very badly decayed teeth? My whole mouth is rotting away, what can I do? Terrible teeth, what are my options? I have bad teeth, what can be done? Should I pull all of my teeth and...

Dental Implants in Scottsdale

Dental Implants are wonderful! As a Prosthodontist, I  offer comprehensive, implant based treatment options to patients and provide surgery and prosthesis under one roof which is a huge help for my patients and my patients love it. Dr.Devi DDS MS

Wedding Smile Makeover – Bridal Party Cosmetic Dentistry

  Scottsdale, AZ: Your wedding day is the happiest and most memorable day in your life. You have been planning for this day for months now. Everything seems to be falling in place- the venue is booked, flowers, cake, guest list are all ready. Even the honeymoon is planned. Wait,...

Dental Implant to replace missing teeth

Scottsdale, AZ:  Are you considering DENTAL IMPLANTS to REPLACE YOUR MISSING TEETH?. Then you are on the right path with your decision making process. DENTAL IMPLANTS AND MINI DENTAL IMPLANTS have been used for decades to replace missing teeth and to stabilize your DENTURE.  Dr.Devi, a Dental Implant Specialist and Prosthodontist...