Are you having problems with your dental crowns?

Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek, AZ:

  • Shows black lines around the dental crown and gum? 
  • Leaking Dental Crowns resulting in sensitivity and decay underneath? Bad Breath?
  • Dental Crown became loose and came off exposing the tooth structure?
  • Poorly Designed Dental Crowns giving Bite Problems and TMJ Pain?
  • Broken or Chipped Dental Crown?


Come and see Dr.Devi DDS.FAGD.MS, who is an IMPLANT and Crown & Bridge Spet (Prosthodontist) in Scottsdale. 

Carefree, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, AZ: People often wonder about the reason for grey or black line around the gum with their capped teeth and hate it if this happens in their smile zone. Most of the time, they don’t want to show this when they smile, so often either they don’t smile or they try to hide it by altering how they smile. The smile becomes quite unnatural and unattractive and when  you don’t smile, others may perceive you as the “person being unfriendly”.

Graying effect around the gums with crowned teeth are caused by different reasons. It could either be caused by:

  • the type of crown ( metal or metal free)
  • design of the crown margin ( dentist designs the crown margin that is appropriate to the location of the crown in the mouth or based on the nature of the gum tissue around the crown)
  • the design of the crown itself (some dentist prefer a thin margin of metal at the margin) 

In some occasions the gum around the crown can pull away from crown exposing the root which naturally has a darker color compared to the crown. This is especially true if the tooth has had previous root canal therapy. Also if the crown margin is faulty or the nature of the gum is too fragile( some people have this), then the gum may naturally pull away from crown margin with time. 

No matter whatever is the cause, this is definitely a situation that makes your smile quite unattractive and force you to hide your beautiful natural smile. Even though general dentist  for the most part can do crowns successfully, whenever patients consider capping their front teeth in the smile zone that affects their smile or considering extensive crown and bridge that involves changing their bite or considering Face Lift Cosmetic Dentistry  it is advisable to go to a PROSTHODONTIST who is a dentist with additional 3 years of training in Crown & Bridge, Customized Smile Makeover, Full Mouth Crown & Bridge Reconstruction, Implant Dentistry and Esthetic Dentures.


Dr.Devi DDS,MS is the only female prosthodontist serving SCOTTSDALE, CAVE CREEK and CAREFREE area. Dr.Devi is very gentle and honest dentist, and with her educational background and expertise she will give you treatment solutions and exceptional quality care that you will definitely feel comfortable with. Being a spet in Crown & Bridge, she can select specific crown type and design  based on your specific mouth conditions.


Dr.Devi ensures that you will remain pain free and comfortable during the entire course of treatment. Dr.Devi has a very gentle touch and many patients who were afraid of dentists and dental treatments completed treatment and appreciated her painless dentistry.  If you have dental phobia, sedation is available if needed. The whole treatment can be completed in few visits that may span over two to four weeks or less. 

Please call SMILE DESIGN SPECIALISTS @ (480) 488 9655 to consult with Dr.Devi.

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