Dental Veneers

Mrs.C wanted to enhance her smile as her fillings in the front teeth were getting discolored. Dr.Devi improved her smile with 8 highly esthetic dental veneers.

Smile Before and After Dental Veneer

Mrs.L wanted to close the big gap between the front teeth. Dr.Devi restored her front teeth with 2 dental veneers.

Restored Teeth with Dental Veneers By Dr. Devi


Dental Veneers is a thin layer of material placed over a tooth, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth or to prevent damage to a tooth’s surface. Veneers are an important tool for the cosmetic dentist. We may use one veneer to restore a single tooth that may have been fractured or discolored, or multiple teeth to create a “Hollywood” type Smile Makeover. Many people have small teeth resulting in spaces that may not be easily closed by orthodontics. Some people have worn away the edges of their teeth resulting in a prematurely aged appearance, while others may have malpositioned teeth that appear crooked. Multiple veneers can close these spaces, lengthen teeth that have been shortened by wear, fill the black triangles between teeth caused by gum recession, provide a uniform color, shape, and symmetry, and make the teeth appear straight. We also recommend using thin porcelain veneers to strengthen worn teeth. Thin veneers are an effective option for aging patients with worn dentition. In many cases, minimal to no tooth preparation is needed when using porcelain veneers.

We provide dental veneers  service to patients in Cave Creek, Carefree, North Scottsdale, Scottsdale, New River, Anthem and Phoenix. Dr.Devi is specialist (Prosthodontist) with three years of additional training. Dr.Devi is well qualified to provide the highest level of services that patients need. Dr.Devi is very gentle and she is the only female prosthodontist in this area. Patients travel many miles to come to our office located in North Scottsdale and many come referred by their friends or family members.

Veneers involve careful Smile Analysis, treatment planning and execution and only a Prosthodontist has the necessary education and experience to do the same. Hence patients are advised to seek service from a specialist dentist (Prosthodontist) like Dr.Devi DDS.MS.

Mrs.B wanted to close the spaces between the front teeth. Dr.Devi did Veneers to give better alignment and symmetry for the front teeth and replaced her back crowns with esthetic ceramic crowns.

Before and After Pictures of Treatments Completed by Dr.Devi