Smile Makeover


Dr.Devi is a dentist with specialty training in prosthodonticsProsthodontics is the only dental specialty under which the concentration of cosmetic/esthetic and implant dentistry falls.Smile Designing or Smile Makeover is an interdisciplinary approach where integrated treatment modalities are utilized by the dentist to enhance your smile. Various patient factors influence this process and the doctor carefully manipulates them to create the most esthetically pleasing smile unique for you. Prosthodontists with their additional 3 years of specialty training can effectively integrate all the required treatments to optimize the esthetics and can enhance your smile with emphasis on function.

Why do you need Smile Mock Ups


Process of Smile Design

These pictures shows the process of Smile Design

Alajandrina_before Results after cosmetic dentistry - Cave Creek Family Dentistry
Example of Mock Up on the Patient. Patients could see the relationship of their teeth to gum, lips and face.

If you are considering a cosmetic dental procedure that you are hesitant of committing to, then go ahead and ask us about a smile mock-up. It is temporary, and it will give you peace of mind before committing to a cosmetic dental procedure that is costly and permanent. The main benefit of the mock-ups are that they allow a patient to better understand what changes are possible and allow them to make an informed decision about how much and what sort of cosmetic dentistry they want to commit and invest in.

What can smile mock ups do for you

Smile mock ups help to preview proposed changes for your smile and allow both you and Dr.Devi see how the changes look in relation to your lips, gums and face. When patients are presented with Cosmetic Wax-ups done in the laboratory, they cannot predict how the new smile will relate to their lips, gums and face. But once the mock up is done in their mouth they can visualize their new smile and can be part of the decision making when it comes to the nuances of their new smile. This information can be extremely valuable to the cosmetic dentist when planning a case and to the laboratory that will be used to fabricate permanent porcelain restorations. Once patients get thrilled with the new proposed smile, Dr.Devi photographs the new smile and takea a study impression of the mock-up prior to removing them. Intra oral smile mock ups allows Dr.Devi to evaluate the functionality of the new smile in terms of how the new teeth length or position impacts patient’s talking and chewing.